Vail Devo-Home

Welcome to the Vail Development Team 2013-2014.

Registration for the 2013/14 season is currently suspended. Registrations will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Please email Rob with your requests at

If you have questions or concerns about the make-up of your child’s team, please email Rob at:

More information about all of our programs can be found using the menu above.

To look at the dates for Devo, please go to the Devo Dates.


All Devo athletes meet on the top level of the Vail Village parking structure.

Juniors meet on the East side of the Vail Information booth.  Your coach will be holding a sign with his/her name for easy recognition.

Youth athletes meet 100 yards to the East of the Vail information booth.  Coaches will be lined up in Alphabetical order by first name.  A’s on the west end of the line to Z’s on the west end. Coaches will be holding signs for name recognition.

Teen athletes meet at the bottom of the Vail Transportation Center stairs near Starbucks and the 10th Mountain Soldier statue.

General Town of Vail parking structure information –

  • Parking is FREE for 2 hours
  • Parking is FREE if you enter after 3:00 PM
  • Please adhere to all signage


Drop Off Tips –

  • Arrive between 8:40 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. Groups begin leaving at 9:01.  If you are running late, please get in touch with your instructor.  You will be given the coach’s info by the 11th of December.
  • On the first and second days, the parking crew will be handing out orange DEVO PARKING cards.  Please take as many as you need to have one in any car that you might be dropping off with.  This card allows quick entrance through the first gate on the top level.  VERY IMPORTANT: If you are staying for longer than 90 minutes, be sure to get a ticket from the Devo parking person, otherwise you will be asked to pay the $25 lost ticket charge.
  • If you’re just going to drop off your child and leave rather quickly feel free to use the top deck of the Vail Village structure.  The area directly across from Youth meeting area will now be coned off for no parking to keep traffic flow moving, but the rest of the top level will be open.
  • If you’re going to park for the day, grab some breakfast or do some shopping after you drop off your child it would probably be best to enter the structure through the main entry, which has several access lanes, and park where ever you’d like.  Take the elevator or stairs to the top level and you’re on your way.
  • If there is a long line of traffic trying to gain access to the top level of the structure it would be quicker for you to use the main entrance as described above to expedite your drop off.


Pickup Tips –

  • Please do not drive to Golden Peak to pick up your child.  The area is simply not large enough to handle the DEVO program volume and our other business volumes at the same time.
  • Park in either Town of Vail structure (FREE when you enter after 3:00 PM) and ride the in town bus to Golden Peak.  This will allow you to take all the time you need to meet with your child’s coach or wait for your child should they be a little late getting off the mountain.
  • The Children’s Center lot is for the exclusive use of that facility and should not be used for DEVO program pickup.
  • The Passport Club lot has very strict guidelines for usage which include NO UNATTENDED vehicles and NO stays longer than 10 minutes!  These policies will be enforced.
  • If you’d like to see where there is parking available at the Vail Parking Structures here is an app that can go onto your smartphone:


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.